This is my personal blog. Some thoughts and observation will go here. No more, no less. For further reference, I (obviously) have a github account here.

Self-hosted docs:

They are rebuilt on every push of the repository, so they can be assumed to be up-to-date, as long as I update this repo.

0x00 - Binding Capstone to Haskell - Part 1
0x01 - Binding Capstone to Haskell - Part 2
0x02 - Binding Capstone to Haskell - Part 3
0x03 - A Tale of Struct Alignment
0x04 - The Long Journey in Search of a Good API Wrapper
0x05 - Rust
0x06 - X is a Can of Worms - Writing a Window Manager in Rust
0x07 - Progress on gabelstaplerwm
0x08 - How to make your Touchpad stop working
0x09 - Announcing a Hapstone Update
0x0A - A small update
0x0B - More Progress and Boring Titles
0x0C - A New Way to Manage Tagsets in gabelstaplerwm
0x0D - More gabelstaplerwm News
0x0E - A Guide to gabelstaplerwm and an Overview of Current Bugs
0x0F - Non-reparenting Window Managers and Firefox
0x10 - Fixing gabelstaplerwm to make it production-ready and other tweaks
0x11 - My terrible mail setup
0x12 - Time for a GSoC update